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Who we are?

Da-projects approaches each project as a new design exercise that requires a fresh perspective and an open mind. Our approach is to research the project parameters, site context, landscape, services, budget and regulations.
We work with our clients to explore and define their requirements. Inspiration is drawn from a wide variety of sources including research into our clients’ interests. We fuse creative experimentation with technical knowledge to come up with innovative yet practical solutions.
Affiliated with many partners in Cyprus and UAE, we remain at the fore front of creativity by providing responsive design solutions, in Lebanon and abroad, using state of the art technology, skilled manpower, and an organizational structure that enhances productivity.
Da-projects provides architectural and building consultancy, renovation, project management services, landscape and interior design solutions for various categories of clients.

A letter of our CEO

Here at Da-Projects, overlook the almost fading lines of art and quality in whatever we do.
We pay specific attention to our craft as architects, in order to rise above the crowd. Our company is shaped by our promise to do things, right.
Today, being crowned with a diverse portfolio of clients across many sectors, we are looking forward with anticipation towards a continued growth. We promise commitment to our new and existing friends.
Dory J. Asmar